Homelab History

~2003 'lab' in college..

  • Certified UNIX. Ran ssh, Samba, Apache servers. Did a lot of PHP and shell script programming. Gigabit ethernet and 802.11b. Used it as my access point as well since the Airport card was cheaper used on ebay than a wireless router.

~2005 lab in college.

  • Many more machines. I think that white box was the first one I installed Linux on to pull things off of my Tivo.

~2007, whitebox Debian server & HTPC. w/my first batch of SATA drives

~2010 got a Rosewill RSV-L4000. Ran OpenSolaris and my first ZFS pools. That raidz2 pool became theseus pool until I finally added a new one this year and got to reformat it. It moved through OpenSolaris, ZFSonLinux, to FreeNAS. WD Green drives (terrible idea) to Seagate (more terrible ideas) to WD Reds and what Seagates are still alive.