Automating The Boring Things

[Discussion] What do you find 'boring' in your every day engineering.

Based on responses here and elsewhere I want to write a "Automate the boring Stuff ... For Engineers"

I've already started to redo most of my undergraduate degree in Python including Thermo, Controls , "Kindergarten thru Statics".

What do you find boring in your every day engineering: homework, job (engineering or not), social life, etc.

  • Would you be interested in a "Automate the boring Engineering" Python tutorial for:
    • Engineers
    • EngineeringStudents
    • Both?
    • Or the opposite, Engineering for coders?

I have a BSME, so it'll be as I would probably be mostly about the classes I had and work in Controls so it'd be what I code for work.

  • Can you automate client meetings?
  • Site visit reports and consultant reports... Basically when we go to site, we record our observations and discussions and every month on bigger projects, we tell the client what we have been up to. V boring.
  • I know when I was a student I used python to write a class that automatically found the requested data, parsed it, ran calculations, and plotted out the needed stuff for a lab report. Doesn't sound so cool now but, at the time, I was the only one that spent less than 3 hrs making the 10+plots with all the different test cases.
  • I am currently writing requirements for a model (that is already mostly completed). It's a process model for our entire facility, so it's a monstrous endeavor. I'm a chem e, and I'd rather not be working on "well how does this translate to computer speak" for months on end.
  • By far, the paperwork. Writing requisitions for parts/machinery, doing justifications for high dollar items- at time doing return on investment calculations that may involve time studies for process improvement. This is a major part of my job that noone warned me about it school. Many, many times after doing this paperwork I have to try and explain just exactly what is I'm trying to accomplish to non technical accountants. It's a crucial part of getting projects off the ground that gives me a headache. The process stops me from doing actual engineering, but it has to be done.
  • My commute 1hr each way
  • Can you automate my attendance at meetings?
  • For me as Elec. definitely calculating K-Maps, Sum of Min and Product of Max. For reports, I find myself flailing around in excel far more than I would like.
  • Documentation
  • Meetings and pre-meetings for the meetings. Weekly project update slides that just get in the way of doing actual work. Documentation.
  • Most of it is data manipulation in excel however I also would like to automate other parts of my studies which aren't necessarily boring but take a long time to do. I'm pretty early on in my studies so I can't unfortunately give you a lot of examples.